The Cassinelli-Perino Artifact Collection

hundreds of American Indian stone tools laid across colorful display boards
The Cassinelli-Perino Artifact Collection

In the early 1990s, Dennis Cassinelli inherited a collection of Great Basin Indian artifacts from a relative. By using a projectile-point identification system developed by David Hurst Thomas called the Thomas Key, Cassinelli was able to type and date nearly every piece in the collection. He then decided to donate the artifacts to a suitable museum where they could be enjoyed by anybody interested in early Great Basin culture and history.

In his book Preserving Traces of the Great Basin Indians, Dennis discusses the process of putting the collection together and includes detailed descriptions of the artifacts, as well as up-close photographs and stunning pen-and-ink drawings. The print edition also includes a fold-out chronology chart showing the projectile points across a 12,000-year time scale.

The collection contains hundreds of Great Basin projectile points laid over a beautifully painted display board. Items include:

The Cassinelli-Perino Artifact Collection is housed in the Carson Valley Museum and Cultural Center at 1477 US Hwy. 395 in Gardnerville, Nevada.

The Cassinelli-Perino Artifact Collection is on display at the Carson Valley Museum and Cultural Center in Gardnerville, Nevada.

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  1. Dennis I have had your book which I bought in the late 1990’s. I am interested in finding a Museum that would be interested in accepting for display after I pass on, some artifacts that were legally collected over the years by me.

    Conn Davis


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