Preserving Traces of the Great Basin Indians

Preserving Traces of the Great Basin Indians by Nevada author Dennis Cassinelli

Due to tremendous popularity, Dennis Cassinelli’s 1996 book, Gathering Traces of the Great Basin Indians, completely sold out. Now, Cassinelli delivers a wholly revised and updated second edition featuring clear, digital-quality photographs, a brand-new chapter examining the 10,000-year-old Spirit Cave Man mummy and a fictional story titled “Making Arrows.” The book also includes many detailed pen-and-ink drawings of Great Basin Indian artifacts; a fold-out chronology chart showing projectile points across a 12,000-year time scale (in the physical book only; not in the digital version); and copies of Nevada State and Federal laws governing the possession and collection of Indian artifacts. Folsom College in Folsom, Calif. used the first edition as a required text for its Great Basin Archaeology course. Use this updated second edition to identify the arrowheads in your own collection and to learn more about the vast history of the Great Basin.

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Chronicles of the Comstock

The Northern Nevada region known as the Comstock encapsulated the true pioneer spirit of the rugged Old West. A source of tremendous wealth thanks to rich deposits of gold and silver, the Comstock boomed in the mid-1800s and spurred thriving communities, bountiful railroads and a hearty breed of pioneers who called the Comstock their home.

Now, Dennis Cassinelli brings to life the varied and colorful stories of the past with his latest work, Chronicles of the Comstock. A compilation of historical articles originally published in The Comstock Chronicle, a weekly newspaper based in Virginia City, the book features topics as diverse as the great Virginia City fire of 1875, the discovery of a cache of rare coin dies at the former Carson City Mint and the exaggerative newsmen who recounted the daily digest of life on the Comstock.

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Legends of Spirit Cave

In 1940, scientists discovered the Spirit Cave Man’s mummified remains near Grimes Point, Nevada. Since then, he has been hidden away from public view, unable to divulge the secrets of his life or of the people who inhabited the Great Basin 10,000 years ago. At last, author Dennis Cassinelli brings us a novel that sheds light on this enigmatic man and the ancient world he inhabited.

Sixteen-year-old Turtle Who Fights lives with his clan near the Black Island Marsh. He yearns to be a great shaman like his grandfather, Mauwee, and seeks to absorb all he can about the natural world. Meanwhile, his tribe’s nomadic lifestyle takes him on an inspiring journey that includes visits to the cave-riddled hillsides near Stillwater Marsh, the sanctified pyramid of Pyramid Lake, and a great gathering of tribes and clans in the pristine setting of Lake Tahoe. But danger strikes when an evil band of redheaded cannibals kidnaps members of Turtle’s tribe and threatens the welfare of every clan in the Nosrac Valley.

The book also includes four appendices that discuss the historical subjects of the novel in further detail.

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Uncovering Archaeology

In his much-anticipated third book, northern Nevada author Dennis Cassinelli explores an array of issues often neglected by professional archaeologists and anthropologists. Leveling a critical eye at our current system of science, Cassinelli delves deep into the historical mysteries of the Great Basin and beyond, tracing the roots of bygone civilizations and piecing together the intricate puzzle of who we are and where we came from.

Join Dennis on a journey through time that offers insightful new theories on topics ranging from Christ to the Spirit Cave Man to the ancient Mayans. With his passion for discovery combined with a conversational narrative style, Cassinelli ignites a compelling interest in history by posing questions few others dare ask.

180 pages
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