Round and Turtleback Scrapers

Round and Turtleback Scrapers Native American stone tools

Round and Turtleback Scrapers

The Cassinelli-Perino Artifact Collection is on permanent display at the Carson Valley Museum and Cultural Center in Gardnerville, Nevada. The collection features an amazing display of American Indian Stone tools discovered in the Great Basin region of the United States. It includes a dazzling array of projectile points, arrowheads, gravers, scrapers and even crescents. The artifacts were identified using the Thomas Key developed by David Hurst Thomas.

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  1. I have found some like that as well, here on the east coast. .Alexandria Va . I believe they are from the earliest man that crossed over the ice bridge. Look up the blombos bay stone tools. They are very similar in materials and technique. I will leave my email address for you to contact me.I have over a hundred pieces gathered from local creeks off the potomac river. I can send pics


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