Glendale School Plaque

Glendale School (1864-1958)

“Oldest Remaining School Building in Nevada”

Glendale, as a settlement, preceded Reno and was destined to be the metropolis on the Truckee River until the Central Pacific Railroad was induced to bypass the community for a station at Lake’s Crossing (Reno).

E.C. Sessions, the first teacher, organized the school and taught in his home until this building was constructed in 1864. Archie Bryant built the structure at a cost of $1,446 and it remains as a testament of his craftsmanship. The original Board of Trustees consisted of John F. Stone, William Steele and N.C. Haslund.

Over the years a great many Nevadans were educated at the Glendale School. Perhaps the most notable student was U.S. Senator Patrick A. McCarran.

The school building was relocated from its original site to this location in 1976.

State Historic Marker Number 169
Division of Historic Preservation and Archeology
Troop Number 76 — Boy Scouts of America